Enter into the world of Med Staffing

MEDSAC incorporates a rigorous interview and screening process to ensure the candidate is the right fit for the position. We carefully monitor each candidate ensuring quality patient care as well as retention.

Our Experience

At medsac, we have an excellent track record for providing quick staffing solutions to support a variety of medical professionals. we employ expert consultants who are thoroughly trained in their field to provide the best staffing needs for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, directors of nursing, unit managers, and much more.

Our Philosophy

Our goal at MEDSAC is to identify, organize, and document all the administrative needs that can be performed remotely, then provide permanent placement for all of your remote staff positions. Our 90 day guarantee ensures that we find the perfect Candidate as an addition to your staff.

From the idea to a full med staffing experience:
After a thourogh personalized intake process, clients can expect an educated, trained, bilingual candidate to be hand-picked for their specific needs, not just a random call-center agent.
Our experience in Telecommunications and Healthcare - expands our recruitment options from expensive local candidates to professionals worldwide. Let us find you your next perfect employee!

From the idea to a full med staffing experience

Clients receive the right candidate for their location, not just the first candidate. One Stop Recruiting’s nationwide database expands our recruiters’ options from local candidates to all available candidates.

Our Services

  • Handling incoming phone calls and messaging services without the long hold times.
  • Confidential collection and documentation of patient demographic and insurance information.
  • Appointment scheduling. Insurance eligibility and verification.
  • Appointment confirmations and reminder.
  • Collection of co-payments and deductibles.
  • Call patients to reschedule missed appointments.
  • Review and “red flag” outstanding patient accounts.
  • Contact patients regarding their outstanding balances.
  • Call patients with notifications for results follow up.
  • Recall patients at the request of healthcare provider.
  • Patient reminders and periodic appointment scheduling for annual visits, immunizations, anticoagulation or diabetes monitoring, appointment scheduling for dental cleaning and check-ups, semi- annual eye exams, and so much more.
  • Even higher-level tasks: Referrals management, prior-authorizations, and prescription refills.
  • Securely utilize interoffice messaging system.


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