Eye Care Center Specialist

How Med Staffing & Consulting
Helped an Eye Care Center See The Cracks In Their System

With today’s challenges within HealthCare, the practices all 4 locations were seeing a consistent decline in patient visits as a result of a failed follow-up system. With no obvious solution and fewer and fewer patients walking in, they turned to us to custom tailor staffing solutions to get them back on track.

Problems & Challenges

  1. The multi-location Eye Care Practice had a consistent decline in patient visits and no game plan to tackle the problem. The business also lacked the proper follow-up system and protocols to remind the patients to come back for follow-ups.
  2. Urgent appointments such as 6-month check up reminders, new glasses renewals and more were not followed up with existing and potential patients.
  3. Most importantly the Practice had no system to place for retaining patients and understanding why some weren't coming back and thus felt stuck in an already challenging market.

WhatHappenedNext? +35%

The Practice saw a 35% increase in their show-up rate for visits.

Proposed Solutions

Fully trained personnel were put in place to reach out to all existing patients on a regular basis to schedule appointments and bring them back.

Looking Ahead

  1. MedStaffing and Consulting provided this Eye Care practice with a team of trained personnel, driving their customer visits while keeping systems in place to allow them to expand and grow their business (6 locations plus more in plans).
  2. Dissatisfied patients were surveyed and their responses were put in detailed reports with full analytics and provided to Linden. This allowed them to create targeted lists for email and direct mail campaigns.
  3. The practice also also saw a massive increase in overall customer satisfaction They saw how the use of technology combined with skillful personnel was the key to fixing an otherwise broken business model.

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