Multi Location Specialist

How Med Staffing & Consulting
Helped to streamline a Law Group Operations

Problems & Challenges

  1. 1 front desk employee at a busy Law Group is tasked with various assignments in addition to attending to visitors while struggling to keep up with incoming and outgoing calls. Problems with basic call-management, long hold times, dropped calls all with clients checking in and out of their scheduled and unscheduled visits. The employee is constantly seeking help from others within the back office.
  2. All while correctly verifying scheduled appointments, calls from providers, insurance companies, courts, and other Law offices
  3. As a result practice had a lot of dissatisfied clients and prolonged case processing times.


  1. We started with 1 remote agent, and added another later, trained them to answer phone calls and use our CRM (to schedule appointments, look up cases and properly route the calls, send system messages, etc.) Within a week, the agents were answering 700-1000 calls per week, spending 3-4 minutes per call (in English and  Russian), with only 1% overflow calls going to front desk.
  2. This almost completely relieved the phone-work volume from the receptionist, who in turn was able to concentrate on  more important tasks, the receptionist  and Office Manager  trained and supervised the remote agents. In the practice with thousands of clients, two remote agents were entirely busy answering calls and routing them to proper person inside the office, thus increasing client satisfaction and reducing processing times.

  3. A location supervisor was trained to be knowledgeable in all tasks of the remote agents, responsible for input office practices and train new agents, fill in for absent agents, and communicate all issues and goals directly with the practice Office Manager. 

Proposed Solutions

  1. Outline all the tasks performed by front desk employee. 
  2. Calculate how many employees needed to complete all tasks on time (usually based on call volume. Perfecting this will improve client satisfaction, shorten processing times, and get referrals for new clients.)
  3. Analize which tasks can be performed remotely and which require employee presence in the physical office location.
  4. Evaluate alternative staffing options to: Outsource 100% of routine switchboard work performed by expensive trained employee that can be performed remotely. Unburden the current employee with switchboard work and shift him/her to higher level tasks. Let him/her concentrate on client satisfaction, improved visitors flow and communication between all the other team members (client, attorney, paralegal, medical provider, insurance company, court officers, etc.)
  5. Lower payroll costs (minimum wage in NYS is $15/hr or $40K annual, considering payroll tax, workman's comp, disability, bonuses, etc.) Set the seal on smooth and uninterrupted functioning of all components of the practice, to prevent unnecessary high expenses associated with employees absenteeism, not to mention 20 legally paid days (holidays, sick days, vacations).
  6. Increase the educational level of future employees. (minimum wage may get you a high school graduate, or someone with inadequate language skills.) Increase the overall satisfaction of the current and trusted employees and clients.

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